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Survey: Female shoppers driven by mobile alerts fueling in-store sales


Los Angeles -- Women are more responsive to mobile alerts detailing discounts and more likely than men to shop in-store to save on shipping costs, according to recent data from fashion shopping app Snapette, a business unit of PriceGrabber. The survey revealed that mobile ad spend grew by 81% this year, with women aged 25-34 driving the highest click through and conversation rates.

Shoppers of both genders are overwhelmingly visiting retail stores in response to viewing fashion products and promotions displayed on online platforms and mobile phones. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed responded that seeing a product online has directly resulted in a visit to a fashion store. Additionally, 51% of shoppers reported that mobile phones play some part in their shopping experience.

"Retailers are well-aware that mobile is driving meaningful retail sales, but one of the most surprising revelations to come from our survey is the way in which women differ from men in their uses of mobile as part of their shopping journey," said Sarah Paiji, co-founder and president of Snapette.

Over 44% of women surveyed responded that they visit stores based on mobile alerts drawing their attention to nearby sales. Men respond far less enthusiastically to discounts, with 56% responding to the same question with either "rarely" or "never."

When asked why they would choose to shop in-store rather than online, women out-voted men in all categories except for one: the desire for additional customer service. Nearly twice as many men than women said that they prefer to shop in-store for the additional customer service (13% versus 7% for women). Snapette's survey results indicate that men tend to prefer a more researched and personally targeted approach when making fashion-related purchases and value input from customer service in-store.

Female focused retailers should recognize the larger opportunity to drive women into stores using mobile as well as deliver regular and engaging touch-points for female shoppers to remain continuously with their favorite brands and retailers. Snapette's survey findings underline that women are especially responsive to mobile alerts displaying sales nearby. Non-promotional retailers can equally capitalize on female shoppers' preference to experience retail items in person and save on shipping fees by sending mobile alerts about new collections available in-store.

Paiji said: "This holiday season fashion retailers should not fear the expansion of mobile and online platforms playing into the shopping funnel, but rather take advantage of those outlets to send further information and incentives to shoppers about products and promotion in-store."

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