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Survey: Dining out big part of summer plans


Austin, Texas – Dining out appears to be a big part of consumers’ summer plans. According to two recent surveys of more than 1,000 adults conducted by digital offers provider RetailMeNot, respondents estimate on average they will eat out nearly every day of the week (six days) and likely nine times a week during vacation.

When it comes to dining out, survey respondents prefer a buy one, get one free entree deal (35%) or a discount (such as 10% off) on their entire purchase (31%). Fewer see as much value in a free appetizer or dessert (7%) or drink specials (6%). Among 2014 summer vacationers, the top foods that survey respondents plan to eat during their summer vacation are burgers (76%), pizza (74%) and sandwiches (64%).

In addition, the vast majority of respondents have eaten at a fast food (87%) or fast-casual (67%) restaurant during a month's time frame.

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