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Survey: Consumers not happy with retailers’ credit and personal information security


Los Angeles – Three out of four (76%) online buyers are dissatisfied with the strength of credit card and personal information security among retailers. According to a new survey of 6,200 online consumers aross all generations and both genders from Bizrate Insights, a shopper’s own bank is trusted the most with credit card data and personally identifiable information (72%).

PayPal came in a distant second with a 49% consumer trust rate. Other leading entities include Amazon (45%), and then another significant plunge to the 21% trust rate for both Apple and American Express. Google is trusted to protect credit card and personal data by 13% of online consumers.

Other findings include:

Men are far more likely than women to trust Google and eBay.

Generation Y is most trusting of their bank, Paypal and Amazon – with more than 50% of Generation Y trusting each.

Generation X has more than 50% trusting their bank and Paypal.

The only entity earning trust from at least 50% of Boomers and Seniors is their bank.

American Express garners substantially more trust from older generations than from younger generations.

Apple, eBay and Google are more likely to be trusted by younger generations.
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