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Sur La Table moves to make online shopping easier


Sur La Table has launched a new solution designed to ensure online shoppers are able to easily find the best product.

The retailer of kitchen and table goods has deployed a tool from Edgecase (its ‘adaptive navigation solution”), which uses cleansed and enriched product attributes to make finding the right product online easier and more inspiring.

Sur La Table’s in-store sales are greater than online sales. But the daily traffic to surpasses daily visitors to all of the retailer’s physical stores combined. With this in mind, the merchant invested in the new tool to create a relevant and unique shopping experience, bridging online, mobile and in-store product discovery.

“Given the impact our online experience has on the sales in all channels, we know it’s critical that we continue to improve our online experience for the benefit of our customers regardless of the channel in which they ultimately complete the purchase,” said Kevin Ertell, senior VP of digital at Sur La Table. “The Edgecase investment is expected to improve product browsing and discoverability considerably and will have a positive effect on the entire sales process.”

Sur La Table’s partnership with Edgecase solves four key problems by:

• Expanding and cleansing Sur la Table’s product data to most accurately represent what is unique and compelling about each product;

• Presenting a more shopper-friendly product vocabulary to the online customer; one that better aligns with how shoppers might speak about a product to a store associate;

• Offering category level filters that leverage more “humanized” product data to make it easy for shoppers to find what they want; and

• Making product data and filter improvements simpler using clear intelligence, showing which attributes most impact product discovery and sales.

The Edgecase solution makes navigating the full selection of products more efficient and ensures all relevant product options are presented. Further, the insights that detail how shoppers think about products will help optimize product data and navigation, as well as merchandising strategies and content.
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