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Supply chain theft poses major problems for retailers


Washington, D.C. -- Organized retail crime should not be an issue solely addressed at the store level, according to the results of the National Retail Federation’s seventh annual Organized Retail Crime survey. More than half of retailers (49.6%) say they have been a victim of cargo theft in the past 12 months.

While theft often occurs en route from the distribution center to the store (57.4%), retailers also are also victimized at other points along the supply chain, including between the manufacturer and the distribution center (39.7%), at the distribution center (22.1%), and as merchandise moves from one store to another (22.1%).

“Cargo theft is a rewarding, profitable enterprise, and criminals are increasingly finding ways to infiltrate the supply chain,” said NRF senior asset protection advisor Joe LaRoccaLaRocca. “As thieves target shipping containers, retailers and law enforcement are fighting back with new initiatives and operations to directly address cargo theft.”

The 2011 NRF Organized Retail Crime survey was conducted from April 19 -- May 10 by the NRF.

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