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Sugarfina, Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Online premium-candy marketer Sugarfina has opened its first retail location, in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 1,400-sq.-ft. space is designed as a luxury candy boutique, with a large glass skylight and airy bubble chandeliers that hang like clouds in the sky. Sugarfina candy in hundreds of colors line the walls on thin floating shelves — the candy appears to be floating.

Sugarfina features the brand’s signature turquoise Bento Boxes, and encourages consumers to customize their own box by selecting from over 140 candies from around the world. The store also boasts a candy tasting bar, with a selection of 60 candies on regular rotation. (According to the company, 40% of its candies are not available anywhere else in the United States.)

The brand, which made its online debut in 2012, was founded by Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick. Before Sugarfina, O’Neil was director of marketing for Barbie, and Resnick was the co-founder and president of Pandemic Studios, a video game developer.

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