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Study: Zales has highest APR for retail credit cards


Austin, Texas – Zales has the highest annual percentage rate (APR) on its private label card out of 61 U.S. retailers surveyed by According to the study, the retailers with the five highest maximum APRs are:

1. Zales, up to a 28.99% APR;

2. Office Depot Personal Credit, up to a 27.99% APR;

3. Staples Personal Account, up to a 27.99% APR;

4. My Best Buy, up to a 25.24% and 27.99% APR, depending on your credit score; and

5. My Best Buy Preferred, up to a 25.24% and 27.99% APR, depending on your credit score.

Conversely, the five retail credit cards with the lowest APR are:

1. OfficeMax Visa Signature Card: 9.99-23.99%

2. Army Air Force Exchange Military Star card: 10.24%

3. Nordstrom retail card: 10.90-22.90%

4. Nordstrom Visa Signature Card: 10.90-22.90%

5. Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card: 13.74-21.74%

The private label credit cards reviewed by have an average APR of 23.23% (compared with an average of just 15.03% for all credit cards), which is up from 21.22% in 2010.

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