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Study: U.S. shoppers make the call


London, U.K. – Phone calls may seem obsolete in this text- and online-based age, but U.S. consumers are still making the call when they purchase items. According to a new study from call-based marketing automation company ResponseTap, consumers in the U.S. are more than twice as likely to make a phone call when making a purchase, as opposed to purely transacting online.

Fifty-three percent of consumers said that speaking to a company helps when making a purchase, compared to 16% saying they prefer not to. The research revealed that men (54%) and women (53%) value speaking to a company when buying a product in equal measure, and that there is also very little deviation between age groups. Interestingly, the age range who find that speaking to the company helps the most is the 25-34 year olds, with 57% saying that it helps. Just fewer than half of 16-24 year olds asked feel the same way, showing that the younger age ranges still find that making those phone calls is of importance to them, with age ranges above 35 ranging between 52% and 55% in agreement.

U.S. regions showed interesting skews to the findings, with the Midwest being most likely to desire a phone call (55%) compared to Web-only purchasing (17%), and the South being the region to show the greatest indifference at 52%. However, more than half of respondents asked are still in want of a phone call instead of only buying online.
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