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Study turns up surprising results about who likes to browse in-store


Cambridge, Mass. – It’s not only middle-aged women that like to browse retail stores.

Bucking demographic stereotypes that suggest men and millennials are more tech-oriented, it turns out both groups are more likely than other consumer groups to browse in-store.

At least that’s according to a new study from Adroit Digital, “Marketing to Millennials,” which found that 57% of millennials do the majority of their retail browsing in-store, close to the 61% of consumers 35 and older who are in-store browsers.

In addition, men are more likely to browse in-store than women both among millennial (62% of men and 50% of women) and 35-plus (70% of men and 48% of women) shoppers.

When it comes to which online social medium affects retail purchases the most, both millennials and those 35 and older chose online review sites, 55% and 54%, respectively. The majority of both millennials and those 35 and older agree that one-click purchasing makes a difference in their likelihood to buy something: 68% and 69%, respectively.

In another reversal of generally expected gender preferences, for both generations, women are more likely to say that social media has no influence on them than men. For millennials 21% for women and 11% for men say social media has no influence; and for those 35 and up, 37% of women and 12% of men are not influenced by social media.

The majority of respondents are also more likely to click on a mobile ad over a desktop ad — 55% of millennials and 52% of those 35 and up. Even though respondents are more likely to click on mobile ads, the majority of purchases still happen on PCs.

Other findings include:

• Millennials are slightly more likely to click on a native ad than a banner ad — 81% compared with 75% of those 35 and older.

• Most millennials and those 35 and up are likely to change their plans to visit a retailer or restaurant if they are away from home and receive an ad on their mobile device for a local deal or discount in the area — 73% and 71%, respectively.

• Millennials are slightly more bothered by advertisers’ remarketing efforts — 83% compared to. 77% of those 35 and older.

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