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Study: Social commerce sales are on the rise

Digital shoppers are increasingly hitting the "buy" button on social media sites.

More than half of consumers (55%) have made a purchase from a social media channel, with Facebook leading the charge, according to “Enabling Experience-Driven Commerce Anytime, Anywhere,” a report from digital marketing and commerce solutions provider Avionos.

According to data, 40% of consumers have purchased via Facebook; 13% have made a purchase through Instagram, and 12% have made Pinterest purchases.

Social media is known for featuring celebrity endorsements. Yet, these celebrity promotions don’t necessarily impact the end customer’s decision to buy. In fact, 60% of consumers have never purchased a product promoted by a celebrity or social influencer. Only 9% have done so in the past few years.

When asked what brand recommendations they are most likely to act on, more consumers chose user-generated recommendations than any other option (27%). This is followed by products people typically purchase together (23%), as well as trending products (19%).

‘Five years ago, the social media world primarily consisted of Facebook and Twitter. Now with the growth of sites like Instagram and Pinterest, social media has cemented its seat at the table as a viable e-commerce channel. By ensuring a relevant and strong presence on social channels, brands and retailers have an opportunity to better understand their customers and drive more sales,” the study reported.
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