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Study: Smartphones replace tablets as dominant device for mobile transactions


New York -- Smartphones are now responsible for more than one-third of online transactions globally, and the growth of larger screen sizes and better mobile sites is only going to accelerate this trend, according to a new study by Criteo. By the end of 2015, the mobile share of e-commerce transactions will reach 33% in the U.S., and 40% globally.

“Mobile commerce is growing like a weed,” said Jonathan Wolf, chief product officer, Criteo. “In just the last three months there was a 10% increase in mobile transactions here in the U.S. The huge growth in mobile transactions over the past quarter shows that consumers are now very comfortable purchasing on smartphones across all categories.”

Other key takeaways of the study, Q1 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report, include:

• The majority of mobile transactions in the U.S. and other major countries are now from smartphones, with the exception of Germany and the U.K. Increased comfort level with purchasing and larger screen sizes are credited for the increase.

• Mobile is now the majority of all e-commerce transactions in Japan and South Korea.

• Consumers now view the same amount of products on both desktops and smartphones, but with lower add-to-basket and purchase rates on smartphones.

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