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Study: This retailer is tops in providing digital experience


When it comes to providing digital consumers with a quality online shopping environment, one well-known discount club chain comes out on top.

According to the “2016 Digital Experience Report” from application performance company Dynatrace, Costco led all online retailers in both performance and reliability. Apple followed in a close second place.

Other chains that scored well in both online performance and reliability included Macy’s, TigerDirect, Target and Office Depot. L.L. Bean and Williams-Sonoma both scored slightly higher than Costco in performance but not in reliability, leading to lower overall ranking.

While the study did not break out individual performance metrics for each retailer, average homepage backbone load time (the time it takes a site to load at a major Internet hub) was 4.22 seconds. The top three performers in this metric took 1.4 seconds.

Meanwhile, average home page last mile load time (the time it takes to load on an end-user PC) was 7.97 seconds, or 3.2 seconds for the top three performers. Mobile home page load time averaged 6/08 seconds, or 2.5 seconds for the top three performers. Average online shopping transaction load time was 27.22 seconds, or 13.13 seconds for the top three performers. And average availability rating was 98/33%, or 99.39% for the top three performers.

Dynatrace measured performance of digital retailers in areas including home page performance, multi-step online user transactions, mobile sites, and end-user experience.

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