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Study: Out-of-stocks affect back-to-school shopping


San Francisco – Out-of-stocks and placement continue to be key issues for back-to-school retail efforts. According to a field study of 465 retailers across the U.S. from mobile contractor Gigwalk, 47% of the retailers visited had an issue with their back-to-school displays.

Forty-five percent were due to the product being out of stock, followed by missing price and having the product in the wrong display. Other findings include:

• 49% plan to spend more this back-to-school season.

• When asked what steps a shopper would take if a particular item was not available 48% said they would purchase at a different store and 36% said they would buy another brand!

• Seventy-seven percent of respondents said they did not plan to do their back-to-school shopping online.

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