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Study: The online journey begins in the marketplace


Seattle – Consumers are partial to online marketplaces when it comes to choosing a starting point for digital shopping journeys. According to a new research study from and titled “Innovation and the Digital Shopper,” 64% of respondents begin their shopping journey on online marketplaces.

In comparison, 48% of respondents begin their online shopping journey on merchant websites, 40% on search and 25% on social media. Respondents ranked trust as the number one factor on whether they chose to complete an online purchase

Furthermore, respondents are two times more comfortable using a new payment product online or on mobile from Amazon than from Apple. They are also 2.5 times more comfortable with a new digital payment product from Amazon than from Google and 10 times more than from Facebook and Pinterest.

“The number one determining factor on whether a consumer chose to make a purchase online was trust, not selection or price, but trust,” said Patrick Gauthier, VP of Amazon payments. “Trust is paramount to digital shoppers and it’s evident at every stage of the shopping journey.”

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