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Study: Not all retail apps are created equal


When it comes to shopping via mobile app, consumers favor one retailer above all others.

Not too surprisingly,’s general dominance of digital retailing extends to the mobile app arena. According to new data from SurveyMonkey Intelligence, Amazon has more than 30 million monthly active users (MAU) of its mobile app in the U.S. This means about one in 10 Americans uses the Amazon app every month.

In comparison, Walmart has more than 15 million MAU. Other big-name e-commerce retailers like Target, Kohl, and Jet are clustered around the 5 million MAU mark for their mobile apps in the U.S.

Amazon also leads all mobile apps in the U.S. with average days used per month (more than five) and has the lowest weekly churn rate (percentage of users who used the app in a given week but not the following week), which hovered between 25 and 30% between May 28 and June 26, 2016.

Furthermore, despite already having the highest U.S. mobile app penetration rate of any retailer, Amazon is still growing faster on mobile than all the other players combined. This includes new entrants like Jet or Boxed. Amazon gets more than 75,000 new downloads every day in the U.S., with most other major players getting downloads in the single thousands.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence analysis also shows that the July 12 Amazon Prime Day event had a major impact on the retailer’s mobile app usage in the U.S. Amazon’s daily active users (DAU) increased by 35% to approximately 12 million daily users on Prime Day.

Other notable findings include:

·The average U.S. Amazon app user is 36. This is younger than the average users of apps from Walmart (41) and Best Buy (41), about the same as Target (35) and older than Jet (29).

·The average gender of users of apps from Amazon, Walmart, Target and Jet is female, the average Best Buy user is male.

·Fifty percent of Walmart app users also use the Amazon app; the reverse percentage is negligible.

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