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Study: Millennials share online complaints most often


Indianapolis — In a finding that may not surprise some of their elders, Millennials share complaints online two times more than Gen X and three more than Boomers. “The Social Media Behaviors of Millennials, Gen X & Boomers,” the latest study from consultative social media research firm Fizzilogy firm, also explores the social media habits of these three generations.

Key findings include:


• Millennials live-tweet sporting events at more than twice the rate of both Boomers and Gen Xers.

• Gen X and Boomers are the most likely to interact with brands on social, while Millennials are more likely to interact with celebrity/athlete accounts.

Generation X

• Gen Xers are 75% more likely to talk about new products/apps and share tech news than Millennials and Boomers.

• Gen Xers share the most photos on social, averaging 22% of their total conversations.

• Gen Xers frequently post inspirational, positive messages and are advocates for brands that share the same outlook.


• Boomers are much more talkative on social than Millennials and Gen X, averaging more tweets per day due to their participation in Twitter chats and long conversations.

• Boomers are three times more likely to talk about shopping/retail than Millennials and Gen X.

• This group is also significantly more likely to use social media to engage in brand promotions and giveaways than the other generations.

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