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Study: Live chat satisfies customer service needs


San Francisco - Customers who choose live chat for customer service are satisfied a higher percentage of the time than those who call, email, or use social media channels. According to findings of the quarterly Zendesk Benchmark report, customers using live chat for customer service are satisfied 92% of the time.

The average benchmark for live chat across all geographies and industries is 62 chat conversations a month; first response time of one minute 36 seconds on average; and customer satisfaction of 92%.

Voice customer service leads to satisfaction 88% of the time, followed by Web form and email (85% each), and Facebook (84%). The most popular time to live chat an agent is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. local time. More than 50% of chats occurred at this time.

With live chat, organizations who receive tickets via their website have fewer requests submitted through their web forms after adding live chat, showing that many customers prefer to talk in real time when they are using the company website.

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