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Study: Global Big Data market to reach $48 billion by 2018


Albany, N.Y. – The global Big Data market, worth $6.3 billion in 2012, is expected to reach a value of $48.3 billion in 2018. According to a new study from Transparency Market Research, a year-on-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.5% during the period 2012-2018 will produce that figure.

In terms of revenue, the current leader of the Big Data market is the region of North America, which, according to the report, will maintain its leading rank and gain share worth about 54.5% of the global Big Data market during the forecast period. It could be followed by Europe.

The market of Big Data is formed by software products and services, storage devices and peripheral hardware. Among these, the segment of software products and services held the biggest share of the global Big Data market and accounted for nearly 50% of the market shares in 2012. However, the segment of storage devices is estimated to be the fastest growing segment of this market during the forecast period and could observe growth at a CAGR of 45.3% during this period. The impending growth of this market can be attributed to enormous data being flooded from different market segments and which will continue to rise in the future, as well.

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