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Study forecasts growth in building automation systems


London Despite being a traditionally slow growth area and one that was impacted by the latest economic downturn, the market for building automation systems (BAS) will grow 3% globally from 2009 to 2015, when the total market will reach a value of more than $36 billion, according to a new study from ABI Research.

“Government financial incentives and regulations as well as organizations’ own financial and environmental goals are coinciding with a drive to open up building automation systems to wider network management and integration, drawing companies such as IBM and Cisco into a market traditionally dominated by more specialist global companies such as Johnson Controls, Honeywell and others,” said principal analyst Jonathan Collins.

Although low single digit BAS market growth may not look significant, it actually is, according to the report, given the current economic climate and the performance of the building industry in general. It also masks the shifts that will take place between revenue streams within the BAS market, as contract values will increasingly skew toward software and services and away from hardware -- another result of the emerging trend for improved communication and connectivity with BAS’.

ABI Research’s new study, “Energy Management and Commercial Building Automation” examines the potential impact of these and other key factors upon the BAS market and provides market forecasts for equipment, software and services as well as wired and wireless connectivity out to 2015.

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