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Study: Facebook dominates social media


New York --Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and WeChat are the most important social media platforms, according to a new report by business intelligence company L2 Inc. The company's second annual Social Platforms Report, which assesses the social investment and performance of 382 brands across eight verticals and 17 platforms, finds that Facebook is the most dominant platform.

"The reach and targeting on (and off) Facebook is compelling. The social giant’s access to consumer data arguably bests Google, and Mark Zuckerberg’s deft acquisitions ensure its mobile reign will continue," the report noted.

According to the report, brand participation on Facebook's 2012 acquisition, Instagram, is now 90%, up 18% year over, while YouTube’s sustained growth ensures it will also remain a static part of the marketing mix. WeChat is now the gateway to the world’s largest and fastest-growing consumer market, and the first platform to deliver direct sales--at scale.

In other findings, L2 said brands have begun leaving Vine, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Fifty- five percent of Vine accounts had not posted through the first half of the year. And 24 brands left Tumblr, which L2 called the worst tech acquisition of the past five years. Although community sizes have doubled on Pinterest, absolute engagement has not budged, and engagement rates are off 65%, the report said.

Meanwhile, Google+ saw posting and engagement rates drop a staggering 98% year over year.
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