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Study: Customer service reps have trouble meeting metrics


Boston – The stereotype of the beleaguered customer service representative who can’t keep up may have some truth to it. A recent study from Glance Networks, a provider of visual engagement, found that 73% of customer service professionals have difficulty meeting their performance metric goals.

The survey, commissioned by Glance in April 2015, found that 78% of customer service professionals track and are measured against at least one performance metric, such as first contact resolution, average handle time or customer satisfaction score, but many don't have the necessary tools to meet their goals.

In fact, according to the respondents, lack of sufficient resources and tools were cited as the main reasons for lack of performance development. Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed mentioned dated technology as a hindrance to meeting performance goals.

Forty-five percent of consumers abandon online transactions if their concerns aren't quickly addressed. Fifty-two percent of respondents that worked for companies who had co-browsing or screen sharing technologies reported better understanding of customer issues, while 38% stated they had improved customer satisfaction.

Despite the advances in customer service effectiveness, there's still room for improvement as 60% of respondents claimed that their company did not have co-browsing or screen-sharing technology.

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