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Study: Brand loyalty not in fashion for Millennials


New York - Millennials are not loyal to fashion brands. In fact, a new study from LIM College shows that 45% of those surveyed say nothing can be done to retain them.

The study, “Shopping Trends among 18-25-Year-Olds,” surveyed 275 LIM College students from March 2-9, 2015. Respondents were asked to evaluate the applicability of statements regarding why they may have abandoned what had been their brand of choice in 2013. The top responses were:

1. Availability of desirable new alternatives (64%).

2. The brand no longer fit their identity (66%).

3. A simple desire/need to change brands (66%).

4. The brand was no longer unique (64%).

When asked what their current favorite could do to remain the student's brand of choice, the top responses among the 55% indicating a willingness to stick with a brand were:

• Develop innovative new products and services (80%).

• Improve design/style to reflect uniqueness (74%).

• Improve product quality (67%).

• Engage in causes, philanthropy, or endeavors that reflect my beliefs/values (63%).

• Limit distribution to maintain the brand's exclusivity (54%).

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