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Study: Americans plan to spend less on food


Chicago A new study released Tuesday found that Americans plan to reduce their grocery spending. According the Media Post News, not only do 74% of consumers now shop with a list, but 65% think grocery items are overpriced, and 49% find the experience so unpleasant they just want to "get in and get out."

In fact, the Synovate survey found that 48% would gladly shop online if they thought online grocery shopping was both secure and that they would get high-quality food.

Synovate, a Chicago-based market research firm, polled 6,700 people in 10 markets around the world. Some 39% of shoppers in the United States say they are spending less than they did 12 months ago, and 78% would happily switch one food brand for another if it were a better deal.

Despite concerns about prices, 89% say they are most likely to shop at supermarkets, and only 10% of Americans say they do their grocery shopping at superstores, which typically offer lower prices. Some 57% of Americans still do a big weekly shopping trip, and 58% buy in bulk.

The survey also asked about changes shoppers would like to see in stores and found that, once again, Americans care more about cash than other amenities. While 62% of the total surveyed say they would go out of their way to shop at an environmentally friendly supermarket, Americans -- at 22% -- are among the least interested. (About 86% of Russian respondents, 85% of Malaysians and 18% of the Dutch agreed.) Americans also turned thumbs-down on ideas like al fresco shopping, playgrounds, and community gathering spots in stores, although 72% agreed it would be a good idea for stores to include recycling facilities.

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