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Strack and Van Til, Munster, Indiana

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A complete revamp has put a new focus on freshness and customer engagement at Strack & Van Til.

Focusing on whole organics, natural foods, and gluten-free products, the 56,458-sq.-ft store is set up to offer the value of a farmers market in the environment of a large space. Customers can even have their fresh purchased seafood grilled for them on-site.

Designed by Studio H2G, Birmingham, Michigan, the store combines playful signage and bold brand graphics with a neutral architectural color palette. Each department is easily visible throughout the space, thanks to a low sight line that allow for easy travel throughout the space.

Reducing a carbon footprint was key to the remodel. The energy-efficient updates include switching to LED lighting throughout the store.

Based in Highland, Indiana, Strack & Van Til operates 20 locations under the corporate banner, along with 16 Ultra Foods stores and two Town & County Markets. Stores are located throughout the Chicagoland area and northwest Indiana.

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