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Stop & Shop/Giant to help local food banks


QUINCY, Mass. The Stop & Shop/Giant Family Foundation announced a $1.5 million commitment to local food banks to fund programs that provide free meals and snacks to some of the 12 million children in America who live in households without enough food to fulfill their basic needs.

To assist these organizations, the Stop & Shop/Giant Family Foundation said it will divide the funds among more than 17 local Feeding America food banks including the Greater Boston Food Bank, Capital Area Food Bank, Maryland Food Bank and Connecticut Food Bank to name a few. Donations were awarded based on the number of families each organization serves and the number of store locations in the surrounding communities.


"Food nourishes the body and mind," said Faith Weiner, Foundation VP. "We value the communities we serve and pride ourselves on being able to make a commitment that will ensure that children receive the nourishment they need to live healthy, productive lives."

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