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Startup launches customized shopping portal


A new e-commerce startup is aiming to shift the paradigm in the world of online shopping with the release of a customizable deal dashboard. offers a dashboard for users to organize their favorite stores (including coupons, sales and shipping deals) in one centralized location.

"We need more than just targeted advertising and mobile apps to make the online shopping experience better for shoppers," said CEO and Founder, Deborah Cincotta. "Online shopping has grown so big, it's no longer efficient. There are too many stores for shoppers to find the ones they really want to shop, too many coupons and sales notices flooding email accounts, and still too often surprise shipping fees thwarting the checkout process. Online shopping used to save time. Now, it's an overwhelming and frustrating experience. MyTotefish is just the tip of the iceberg in how we plan to make online shopping easy, efficient & enjoyable for shoppers."

MyTotefish allows shoppers to search for their favorite stores (from among the 8,000-plus stores that have been cataloged by category), add them to their MyMall dashboard and quickly sort which of their favorite stores are running a promotional coupon, sale or shipping deal.

Totefish, short for Totally Efficient Shopping, launched in Los Angeles in September after raising $350,000 in a seed capital from Rusheen Capital Partners in 2013.

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