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Staples rethinks, shrinks the box


FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Staples has launched a new packaging technology nationwide that allows them to customize delivery box sizes to each order. Staples “smart-size” packaging, developed by Packsize International, is convenient for customers and also improves supply chain sustainability and efficiency.

With delivery boxes custom fit to each order, customers don’t need to break down oversized boxes and excessive air “pillows.” Smart-size packaging reduces air pillow use by 60 percent and the average cardboard box size by 20 percent. This results in an estimated annual carbon footprint reduction of 30,200 tons, equivalent to about 120,000 trees. Customized box sizes also allow more shipments to fit on each line haul and more orders to fit in each delivery truck. In addition, just-in-time packaging with Smart-size reduces costs and warehouse space from storing delivery boxes.

“At Staples, our supply chain team works tirelessly to help ensure a great customer experience with each and every delivery order,” said Don Ralph, SVP of supply chain and logistics at Staples. “Smart-size packaging is an important example of our commitment to supply chain excellence and sustainability throughout our operations. We’re already hearing positive feedback from satisfied customers across our delivery business.”

“Packsize is thrilled that Staples has adopted our lean packaging system,” said Hanko Kiessner, CEO of Packsize. “This is an inflection point for mainstream adoption of Packsize packaging technology that reduces box inventory, eliminates inefficient use of warehouse space, and minimizes wasted space and dunnage material within the shipped product box.”

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Packsize contends that it is spearheading the corrugate revolution, which reduces the cost and bulk of traditional packaging in a changing landscape where operational efficiency and going green suddenly find themselves hand-in-hand.

Staples has implemented smart-size packaging in several facilities in its nationwide network of delivery fulfillment centers, and will continue the roll-out through 2013.

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