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Staples introduces Staples Connect app


Framingham, Mass. – Staples is introducing Staples Connect, an offering that lets customers’ home or office technology interact and be controlled by a single app. With the touch of a button, Staples Connect lets customers shut down their office, turning off lights, lowering shades and locking doors, while at the same time turning on their lights and heat at home.

Staples Connect consists of a multi-platform app and universal hub that allow a multitude of devices to talk to each other. The Staples Connect Hub, powered by Linksys, will be available online and in a limited number of Staples stores for $99 this November. Staples Connect uses a platform developed by Zonoff Inc., which features a free, single app. Installation will be available through Staples EasyConnect and can also be performed by customers.

“Staples Connect gives consumers looking for a home or office automation solution a broad selection of products to choose from, featuring the top names in safety, lighting, heating and cooling,” said Mike Edwards, executive VP, merchandising, Staples. “Staples Connect uses products from the biggest and best brands, as well as innovative newcomers, like DoorBot wireless doorbells and the ivee Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant. Our app makes it easy for customers to control their entire home or office from their smartphone, tablet or laptop, wherever they may be.”

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