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Staples Canada reports 9% drop in energy consumption for second quarter


Ontario, Canada -- Staples Canada announced its sustainability achievements for the second quarter of 2013, including a 9% drop in energy consumption (over the year-ago period). The retailer continues to focus on its long-term commitment to growing the business in a sustainable manner, and reducing its impact on the environment.

Staples said it continues to reduce energy consumption and is working to conserve energy across the business by reducing overall energy costs, and diversifying energy sources. By the end of 2012, a large majority of Staples Canada store locations ran on 25 watt light bulbs, helping to reduce electrical consumption by over 11%.

The retailer's 2013 goal is to reduce electrical consumption by 5%. Staples is also piloting efficient destratification fans in several locations, replacing HVAC units, and planning an exterior lighting retrofit for by the end of fourth quarter 2013.

Through its “Lights Out” program, Staples reduced electrical consumption in June and July by over 2.4 million KW.

Staples Canada has partnered with Bullfrog Power, to provide the retailer with clean, renewable electricity for two office buildings and 11 stores across Canada. This partnership makes Staples Canada the 10th largest consumer of renewable energy in Canada.

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