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Square helps business and sellers communicate via receipts


Commerce solutions company Square has introduced Square Feedback, a new product that turns digital receipts into a channel between buyers and sellers.

Square Feedback prompts customers to send feedback about their experiences directly to business owners through their digital receipts. Sellers can also respond directly to customers, resolve issues one on one, and protect their reputations.

Square delivers more than 10 million digital receipts a month.

“The receipt should be more than just a list of what a customer bought,” says Gokul Rajaram, seller product lead. “Digital receipts are a natural platform for communication. We’re designing them to add value to the customer experience and extend the interaction between the buyer and the seller."

How Feedback works:

  • Customers who make purchases from a Square seller can choose to receive their receipt via email or text.

  • With the tap of a button, a customer can answer the question “How was your experience?” and then give details and decide whether to start a conversation with the business.

  • Square sellers receive an email alert when a customer leaves a comment and can respond directly via the Square Dashboard to ask follow-up questions and correct mistakes or misunderstandings.

  • Sellers can manage customer feedback in their Square Dashboard and check it from anywhere in real time.

“Because Square Feedback is so streamlined, we're processing feedback with each transaction rather than waiting for clientele to post a public review,” says Peter Koshland, owner of Koshland Pharm: Custom Compounding Pharmacy in San Francisco.

Square Feedback is available starting this week for $10 per month, and Square is offering businesses a 30-day free trial.

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