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Square D Expands Integrated Equipment Solutions


Palatine, Ill. - The flexibility and convenience of integrated electrical equipment is increasing with the expansion of the Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2) offering of solutions from Square D Integrated Power and Control Solutions (IPaCS). The expansion includes Automatic Transfer Switch sections up to 400A and an increase in transformer sizes up to 300kVA, providing solutions that are ideally suited for many commercial, retail and industrial applications. Front- and rear-aligned 36-in.-deep IPC2 Transformer Combo enclosures are also new, providing space for larger transformers, resulting in cost- and floor-space-savings opportunities beyond the 24-in.-deep enclosures already available.

IPC2 Automatic Transfer Switch sections are used to transfer power between grid and generator sources when standby power capabilities are required. Sections are 24-in. wide by 24-in. deep and may be combined with panels, individually mounted circuit breakers, or equipment spaces for third-party components such as lighting-control or building-automation systems.

The expansion includes enhancements to the IPC2 Transformer Combo offer as well. A 24-in.-wide by 24-in.-deep IPC2 Transformer Combo section that allows up to a 45kVA three-phase transformer with a cell above it for a single panelboard provides a more efficient use of space. Additionally, 42- and 48-in.-wide by 36-in.-deep IPC2 Transformer Combo sections with 225kVA and 300kVA three-phase transformers, respectively, also are available for projects requiring greater power.

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