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Sportswear brand launches PLM


Collaboration is key when it comes to seamlessly creating private-label apparel to sell across branded stores and department store partners.

In effort to streamline information sharing across product development processes, GANT is deploying a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that promises to improve its product-hit rate, shorten lead times, and enhance margins.

With a global presence in over 70 markets, 750 stores and 4,000 selected retailers, GANT is clearly a vast company that has intricate mission-critical processes, including product development. With ambitions to double its revenue growth and become the leading lifestyle brand in the world by 2020, the company recognized a serious need to improve information sharing and collaboration between different parts of the company.

“We are entering a stage of growth where we need to be more digital and intelligent about how we design and develop products for our consumer,” said Carl Borg, global IT director at GANT.

As a result, the organization added a PLM system designed to automate design and development processes. Armed with Centric 8 from Campbell, Calif.-based Centric Software, GANT is ready to improve communication across the sub-brands operating under House of Gant – GANT Rugger, GANT Diamond G and GANT Original. Using the entire Centric 8 suite, including mobile apps, across all of their departments, GANT is positioned to improve communication, shorten lead times and drive margins.

A PLM tool is paramount to “improving our digital product development processes,” added Borg. “PLM is not just about the tool – it is about the ability to organize and direct the creative aspects of design and production.”
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