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Sporting goods retailer wants to get more personal with shoppers


San Diego, Calif. -- Sports Authority is making good on its promise to make its online site more robust and engaging.

The retailer announced it is renewing its relationship with personalization solutions provider Certona for the fifth consecutive year. By creating rich online experiences for customers, Certona has been a critical component of Sports Authority’s personalization strategy since 2010.

“At Sports Authority, we strive to provide a richer personalized site experience that further engages our online customer with the goal to improve relevancy, basket size and conversion,” said Jason Ostendorf, director of e-commerce operations at Sports Authority. “With the help of Certona, we are turning first-time visitors into first-time buyers, and ultimately lifetime customers.”

According to Certona, a primary factor driving the Sports Authority decision to renew the contract is the close engagement between the two companies, which accelerates the implementation of new e-commerce strategies, allows for continuous refinement and fosters greater optimization success.

Certona’s technology allows the Sports Authority to profile and predict behavior as customers browse their site, and then deliver real-time, hyper-personalized content. Through this continuous behavioral profiling and predictive technology, Sports Authority garners higher overall conversion, average order value and customer retention.

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