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Specialty retailer Sabon boosts digital holiday sales with Dynamic Yield personalization


New York – Omnichannel specialty bath and beauty product brand Sabon boosted its online sales 35% during Black Friday and Cyber Monday by implementing Dynamic Yield’s personalization engine. Sabon saw lifts across key metrics including user engagement, total page views, time spent on site and sales.

Dynamic Yield’s solution exposes visitors to products and promotions that are relevant to their individual preferences. The engine automatically personalizes and optimizes the user experience in real time based on performance, relevance and other key metrics. With Sabon, Dynamic Yield optimized the holiday offers displayed on the homepage, video and promotional content that were presented to users during the key shopping days of the year. By “breaking” the home page (and other Web pages) into many units, Sabon could use many different variations of holiday offers and products they wished to try during those days, in each placement.

“With Dynamic Yield, we were able to optimize our homepage slideshow, upload different variations of standalone products and different sale offers to guide customers through the sales funnel,” said Hezi Rotem, CEO of Sabon. “Instead of theorizing what would work best, we were able to try different promotions with Dynamic Yield’s automated algorithms. Therefore allowing us to compose and generate crucial decisions in real time. With Black Friday/Cyber Monday taking place over the weekend, optimizations were continuously being generated, even while we were offline. As a result, we saw record conversions."
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