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Social shopping app gets help from ifeelgoods


Walmart's social media shopping platform, Shopycatis using the services of ifeelgoods, a company that provides marketing and technology solutions for digital goods incentives, to provide Facebook credits as reward for key customer actions.

Through its partnership with @WalmartLabs, Walmart's social media arm, ifeelgoods is providing technology to encourage customers to use Walmart's new ShopyCat social gift finder, ifeelgoods reported.

“When Ifeelgoods was created just over a year ago, we believed that digital goods could be more effective and cost less than traditional incentives such as coupons or rebates,” said Michael Amar, Ifeelgoods’ co-founder and CEO. “Through more than 200 campaigns from leading brands, we have also learned that digital goods incentives both dramatically improve marketing performance and are a catalyst for social sharing.”

Shopycat, developed by @WalmartLabs, is a social platform that's available on Facebook and is designed to offer gift ideas for friends based on their social media activity (i.e., a post, a "like," or a profile update). Those who use the app not only can find and buy gifts for friends — which can be purchased via Walmart stores, and other such sites as RedEnvelope, Barnes & Noble and ThinkGeek — as well as help users purchase items based on friends' general interests, it also provides recommendations to users' friends for what they want as holiday gifts (via a "My Info" tab).

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