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Chattanooga, Tenn. -- To increase control of its digital activities, chose to implement a stable of proprietary and third-party analytics, campaign management, and optimization tools. However, the solutions lacked the functionality and flexibility necessary to capture, analyze, and transform data into actionable insights, so expanded adoption of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

In addition to offering seamless integration between solutions, robust functionality, and support backed by industry best practices, the company saw an opportunity to streamline marketing and help staff become more productive. Leveraging Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, began to better understand its overall customer base. The company also identified key segments that make up a high proportion of its customer audience, including young professional males in large metro areas and customers who are well established professionally. With this information, the company could begin to gather insights into what content and design elements could drive engagement and conversion.

Combining customer data and Adobe Target, is improving online experiences, as well as experimenting with changes to layouts, promotions, messaging, and other content. Today, the company can quickly determine which new experiences are positively, negatively, or not at all affecting customer engagement and revenue.

“In addition to tailoring experiences for high-value customers with Adobe Marketing Cloud, we can serve optimized experiences to all audiences to convert them into loyal customers,” said Gil Cayabyab, VP of marketing for “We can also tap into potentially valuable audiences visiting the site, such as small businesses that buy our products in large quantities.”

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