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Sleep Number


Sleep Number takes shopping for mattresses and bedding accessories to a new level with its updated store design. The new prototype, which was designed by JGA, Southfield, Mich., replaces the traditional—and bland—sea of mattresses with a modern and interactive environment that elevates the customer journey and positions the product as hero. Sleep Number debuted the new design in Oakbrook Promenade, Oakbrook, Ill., and it has since been rolled out to 74 locations nationwide.

First, a little information about Sleep Number: The company is most famous for its namesake beds, which allow individuals to adjust the firmness and support of the bed with just the touch of a button. Each side of the bed can be adjusted from a zero to 100 setting by using the remote control. The ideal setting is based on individual height, weight, and sleep position as well as desired firmness. The brand offers further personalization through Sleep Number pillows, sheets and other bedding products.

Sleep Number’s new store environment creates an individualized shopping experience that, using high and low technology, reinforces the brand and accentuates its benefits throughout the 3,500-sq.-ft. space. Wall projections give an overview of the Sleep Number concept. A display bed features Sleep Number’s IndividualFit 3-D imaging system, which measures pressure points on the customer’s body as he or she lies on the mattress, explaining how adjusting the sleep number to the ideal provides relief. iPad technology at the foot of the beds is easily accessible for consumer use, with product stories highlighting informational qualities.

In the core of the store, beds and bedding are integrated to showcase the products. High-tech and low-tech sales tools help consumers select their individualized sleep and bedding solutions. Flip-panel graphics and digital touchscreens lay out product benefits.

The store has a strong residential feel, with a subdued, neutral palette that exudes tranquility. Illuminated ceiling panels sweep across the space, creating an ethereal glow.

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