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Shopzilla’s Aisle A extends reach to Europe


LOS ANGELES — Shopzilla, a leading source of sales and consumer feedback for online merchants and retail advertisers, is expanding its footprint with the launch of its new media solutions and audience targeting division Aisle A in Europe, which will offer marketers access to proprietary shopping intent data and evolving premium retail inventory.

As part of this development, the company is adding an array of new features, such as enhanced audience targeting, rich media capabilities in the retail space and display products to its current portfolio of advertising offerings.

Aisle A will feature display advertising across Shopzilla’s owned and operated shopping sites — Beso, Bizrate and Shopzilla — as well as on premium partners across the Web. The new partnerships will extend the company’s consumer reach to more than 10 million monthly shoppers across Europe. In addition, Aisle A will pioneer the company’s intent-based marketing initiative, providing highly targeted advertising solutions that allow marketers to reach qualified consumers based on what they are in-market for today as well as the future from lifestyle and life-stage profiles defined by their shopping behaviors.

“Since expanding our display media capabilities in the U.S. we have seen impressive results for clients, and double-digit growth for our business,” said Craig Teich, VP and GM for Aisle A. “Given the performance to date we are excited to expand these services, further connecting buyers and sellers in Europe.”

Aisle A is well positioned to deliver on industry demands — such as increased transparency and improved quality in the fast changing display advertising space — by owning quality in-market inventory and quality intent data. Control over its inventory and data assets also allows Aisle A to deliver custom tailored contextual and audience targeting programs.

“The quality of our data from the purchase intent demonstrated by our online shoppers, is translating into valuable and addressable audiences, that marketers will be able reach both on and off site,” said Adam Yates, Aisle A, director of sales Europe. “These audience aisles will enable marketers to deliver their messaging effectively and confidently, with sector leading formats; so important during these challenging economic times when advertisers need to make every pound count.”

Shopzilla reaches a global audience of more than 40 million shoppers each month through both its destination websites and affiliate network. Shopzilla connects shoppers with more than 100 million products from tens of thousands of retailers a month. Its portfolio of shopping brands — Bizrate, Beso, Shopzilla, Retrevo, TaDa, PrixMoinsCher and SparDeinGeld — help shoppers worldwide discover, engage, review, share and ultimately buy online.

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