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ShopperTrak: In-store sales decline need to be viewed in context


In-store sales declines over Black Friday weekend had many analysts buzzing about the future of brick and mortar. But an expert in store traffic cautioned that the declines should be taken with a grain of salt.

“It’s important to view the decrease in context,” said Bill Martin, founder, ShopperTrak.

Martin noted that where are several contributing factors, including fewer available store hours on Thanksgiving Day and a later Hanukah that is anticipated to push sales into December.

“Most importantly, the success of the holiday season doesn’t hinge on the performance of a single day,” he added.

Thanksgiving Day 2015 grossed an estimated $1.76 billion in sales, which is a 12.5% decrease versus 2014; Black Friday 2015 garnered an estimated $10.21 billion in sales, which is an estimated 11.9% decrease versus 2014.

“Seven out of the top ten sales days still remain, and December is anticipated to be strong,” added Kevin Kearns, ShopperTrak’s chief revenue officer. “With that in mind, we still maintain our 2.4% increase in sales for brick-and-mortar retail this holiday season.”

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