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ShopperTrak: Dec. 4 will see least amount of holiday traffic


Chicago -- ShopperTrak predicts that Wednesday, Dec. 4, will be the best day for consumers to shop this holiday season with the least amount of store shopper traffic.

Three other days that same week – Dec. 2 (Monday), Dec. 3 (Tuesday) and Dec. 6 (Friday) – also garnered top spots as some of the best days to shop this year. These weekdays immediately follow Black Friday weekend, which ShopperTrak anticipates will be among the busiest days for retail shopper traffic and sales. Given their proximity to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a good selection of merchandise likely will remain in the stores for retailers working to capture those sales.

Historically, the majority of shoppers flock to malls on the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to ShopperTrak. With four weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year – compared to five weekends in 2012 – consumers will have fewer weekend days to complete their holiday shopping. The weekdays will see stores with fewer crowds and more attentive sales staff offering shoppers an opportunity to complete some of their holiday shopping without competing with the crowds.

Despite lower store shopper traffic, weekdays provide an opportunity for retailers to promote and move merchandise that remains after weekends.

"Consumers are often more alert to sales and promotions than if they shopped on chaotic weekend days," said ShopperTrak founder and executive VP Bill Martin. "Retailers can use traffic benchmarking reports and real-time analytics to better prepare their store and staff to seize selling opportunities on these slower-traffic days and turn browsers into buyers."

The following table shows ShopperTrak's forecasted best days to shop, ranked from least-to-most retail shopper traffic:

Rank Date Day of the Week
1 Dec. 4 Wednesday
2 Dec. 3 Tuesday
3 Dec. 2 Monday
4 Dec. 11 Wednesday
5 Dec. 9 Monday
6 Dec. 10 Tuesday
7 Dec. 6 Friday
8 Dec. 13 Friday
9 Dec. 12 Thursday
10 Dec. 16 Monday

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