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ShopperTrak acquires RapidBlue


Chicago -- ShopperTrak announced Monday the acquisition of interior analytics provider RapidBlue Solutions Oy, based in Helsinki.

RapidBlue uses radio frequency technology to collect shopper movement information, then transforms the anonymous data into information and insights that retailers can use to manage the marketing, merchandising and operations of their businesses.

"ShopperTrak counts more shoppers and analyzes more data for more retail stores and malls than any company in the world," said Christopher Ainsley, CEO of ShopperTrak. "RapidBlue's ability to collect anonymized data based on shopper movement inside stores increases the value of our portfolio of industry-leading products and services. Combined with our recent acquisition of ReTel Technologies, ShopperTrak now offers premium interior analytics capabilities that blend the best of video and location-based analytics.”

The acquisition of RapidBlue provides ShopperTrak with a European research and development center that can customize its applications for Europe and the Middle East. ShopperTrak will fully integrate RapidBlue's technology into its brand. The office in Helsinki will also provide a base for sales and support for Russia and Eastern Europe.

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