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Shopmium launches U.S. brand discovery app


New York -- Shopmium, the new brand discovery app, has officially launched in the U.S. on both iOS and Android platforms. Shopmium’s model enables advertisers to promote products through a targeted media approach that delivers mobile brand experiences and discount offers to users.

As an advertising platform, Shopmium showcases partnered brands, primarily consumer package goods, using rich media campaigns built for smartphones. Its user base has opted in to hear about new products and is incentivized to try the featured products through discount coupon offers.

Shopmium creates a brand experience using rich media content (HTML5, video or images). Users click through the advertisement to see stores nearest them offering the product and are presented with a discount offer. After shopping, the user simply opens the app, and snaps a photo of the corresponding purchase receipt. The user receives the discount amount directly to their PayPal account.

Co-founder and CEO Eli Curetti views the U.S. as a prime market to reach new consumers and encourage trial with its unique approach.

"Traditionally, ads on mobile devices have been a tough sell given the small screen and the inherently personal nature of the device," said Eli Curetti, co-founder and CEO. "Random ads are always an intrusion, however Shopmium’s users are opting in to receive brand messages, which circumvents any irritation to the consumer and makes it a very appealing medium for manufacturers."

Marketers also benefit from the anonymized user data and aggregated consumer buying data Shopmium is able to collect and share with clients at the end of a campaign. Data gathered from users' receipts also enables Shopmium to target relevant products to users. The app launched in France in 2011.

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