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Shopitize uses Tableau visual analytics


London - Shopitize, a U.K.-based provider of mobile, interactive shopping intelligence, is using Tableau's visual analytics to provide actionable insight into consumers' brand-specific shopping baskets. Shopitize is providing brand partners with access to real-time retail intelligence.

Brand owners are using this intelligence to create retailer-agnostic mobile marketing promotions to U.K. shoppers, and shape the future strategy of their brands. Reports that previously took days and a group of programmers to develop are now available in minutes. Shopitize enables U.K. consumers to get cash back on their regular shopping directly to their bank account, by taking a photo of the receipt. Using the Shopitize mobile app, shoppers browse the offers and scan the product barcode in-store. Once the receipt is uploaded to the Shopitize app, shoppers receive cash rewards directly to their bank account. This real-time view of consumers' shopping baskets is used by Shopitize's brand partners to optimize campaigns in real-time and increase marketing return on investment.

Tableau is also being used to offer new Shopitize services, like the Retail Reconnaissance consumer insight solution. The interactive visualizations are used to create detailed reports on consumer buying habits across the six major U.K. supermarkets — all based on the original shopping receipts.

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