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Shakira to collaborate with Fisher-Price


Fisher-Price, Inc., has partnered with a global pop star mom and a philanthropist Shakira and the Barefoot Foundation to create a web series for moms and co-develop a new line of Babygear and toys.

The program is centered on early childhood development and targets millennials who make up 80 percent of today’s first-time moms. Highly digital and hyper-focused on sharing opinions and recommendations with other moms, the partnership links the most-connected generation of moms in a relevant, global conversation with one of the world’s most digitally savvy moms now pregnant with her second child.

12-part web series, being kicking off today, feature Shakira’s personal reflections on what her baby has taught her about herself, the importance of early childhood development, looking at the world through a child’s eyes, facilitating milestones and even her hopes for raising a future philanthropist.

Segments also celebrate babies’ amazing activity and growth as well as Shakira’s own parenting journey from a very personal mom-to-mom point of view. She draws upon her own experiences in raising her son, Milan, and shares her strong belief that it’s never too early to nurture your child’s potential by doing things like singing, talking, reading and playing with baby.

The entire series will distribute exclusively over digital to 23 countries at one time, delivered via branded social channels and supported with paid media. The content will live on along with product information on the First Steps Collection, the new babygear and infant toy line co-developed by Shakira and Fisher-Price.

"Working with my foundation over the years on early childhood development, I saw how important developmental milestones are and how toys can help babies reach them - including with my own son. I wanted to design a line of toys that stimulated development in the crucial early stages of life, the stages in which learning can be achieved through supervised play, fostering the development of psychological, social and motor skills," Shakira said. "I instantly felt a strong connection with Fisher-Price and their extensive research and focus on helping children build skills for school and for life, further reinforced for me how aligned we are on the importance of early childhood development. They were the perfect choice of partner.”

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