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Self-Braking Shopping Cart


Invented by Rudy E. Kieselat, the Self-Braking Shopping Cart is a set of specially designed brakes to be easily applied to existing shopping cart rear wheel assemblies or included as an upgrade feature on newly manufactured shopping carts. Designed to be activated each time the user take her hands off the cart’s handle, the Self Braking Shopping Cart would be comprised of a single, spring-loaded braking mechanism to be applied to both rear wheels and connected to the unit handles via an adjustable support rod that rests flush against the rear of the shopping cart basket. The handle would be hinge-connected to the vertical support rod, pressing down on the front of the brake assembly, lifting the brake pad off the rear wheels each time the user grips the handle and releasing the brake back onto the wheels in order to stop the wheels as the user lifts her hands off the cart. A release mechanism would be positioned on the front of the assembly, on the underside of the basket, for use in overriding the braking mechanism.

The Self Braking Shopping Cart would effectively prevent a parked shopping cart from rolling away during use, enabling consumers to easily unload groceries, and eliminate the frustration of watching a cart, loaded with groceries, rolling away from one’s parked car. A cart with brakes would help prevent damage to parked vehicles that results from runaway carts.

Development of the product is being handled by Advent Product Development of Pawleys Island, S.C. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at APD 843-237-5915 at 313 Commerce Drive, Pawleys Island, SC 29585 or email APD at [email protected].

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