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Second Chicago supercenter draws political praise


Walmart opened its second supercenter in Chicago this week, and the only thing missing from the press release announcing the new store was a quote from President Obama praising the company as a job creator.

Instead, Walmart had to settle for some kind words from Chicago mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rohm Emanuel.

“This Walmart is a win-win-win – a win for the local economy, a win for local job creation, and a win for the Chicagoans who now have access to a full selection of groceries and fresh food in Chatham,” Emanuel said, referring to the South Side neighborhood where the 157,000-sq.-ft. store is located. “I am committed to driving economic growth and opportunity in our neighborhoods, and will continue to seek opportunities for Chicagoans to find good jobs and advance their communities.”

The opening of the store at 8331 South Stewart Avenue ended an eight year process and created 350 jobs that prompted Alderman Howard Brookings to proclaim, “This is a great day.”|

“It was worth the fight,” Brookings said.“Chicagoans who live on the south side deserve to have the same economic opportunities Chicagoans on the North Side take for granted. I believe that the Walmart Supercenter will enable the Chatham Market development to expand and grow, providing even more opportunities for the residents of my community to work and shop close to home.”

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