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Sears goes interactive with Kenmore brand


CHICAGO Sears Holdings announced that it has launched its first interactive “Kenmore Live Studio,” which will bring creativity and innovation together in a single location where consumers of all ages can explore their own talents.

The entire “Kenmore Live Studio” is equipped with cameras that will broadcast video via the Internet, so studio visitors will have the chance to share their voice with the world, the company reported. Demonstrations by chefs, presentations or unveilings of new products will be shared in real time with those following the Kenmore brand via its social media page on Facebook.


“The Kenmore brand has been an icon in American homes for more than 82 years and we recognize that even great brands like Kenmore need to reinvent themselves periodically to continue to meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Guenther Trieb, SVP and president of brands for Sears Holdings. “We’re proud of the brand’s recent evolution and now the ‘Kenmore Live Studio’ will give customers the opportunity to engage with the brand and see our new vision firsthand. The studio is going to be an open stage where anyone can come to share their creativity and ideas -- they’ll have the chance to inspire others and be inspired themselves.”


The “Kenmore Live Studio,” located in downtown Chicago at Huron and Wells will be open to the public every Thursday through Sunday. Studio hours will be as follows.


The studio will also put a spotlight on appliance design by presenting Kenmore appliances as works of art. The Kenmore appliance gallery will include the new line of Kenmore and Kenmore Elite High-Efficiency Front Load laundry.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how customers will interact in the ‘Kenmore Live Studio’ as their engagement will be the key to making this initiative a success," said Betsy Owens, VP and general manager of Kenmore. "The studio is not a store – it’s all about having customers engage with the brand directly and connect with the new side of the brand."

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