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Sears Canada taps CloudApps to track energy and waste data


New York -- Sears Canada will deploy CloudApps’ sustainability performance management software across the chain’s 122 department stores, 48 home stores and 11 outlet locations. CloudApps said it will capture carbon, energy and waste data from the sites, encouraging site managers to be responsible for reducing usage.

Previously, Sears had a clear but time-intensive reporting process, using complex spreadsheets to report on energy use and waste management, according to CloudApps. However, the chain wanted to provide more people in the company with quicker and more flexible access to the data, allowing employees to rapidly analyze areas for improvement.

In addition to its reporting and analytics, Sears said CloudApps was chosen for its ability to measure store and employee performance towards sustainability goals. This level of accountability enables site managers to track overall and specific progress to see how their site is operating in real-time.

James Gray-Donald, Sears’ sustainability leader, said CloudApps will give responsibility to operations managers to limit their site’s environmental footprint.

“We spent two years looking for the right solution to bring our environmental data to life,” Gray-Donald said. “With the depth and breadth of analytics provided by CloudApps, site managers will have total visibility of what is being used; it is expected that performance incentives will be offered if they meet certain targets.”

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