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Sears and Kmart step up their game


HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. Sears and Kmart announced online pre-orders and price reductions on home entertainment product.

Shoppers can save $50 on Nintendo Wii, $100 on Xbox 360 Elite and on Sony PlayStation 3 80GB.

Customers can also go online at and and pre-order their items. Visiting either site lets shoppers select the "Pre-Order Item" button to add the game or hardware to their cart and proceed to checkout. and have extended the online pre-order functionality on games including PSP Go, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Band Hero, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Guitar Hero: Van Halen and Bioshock 2.

Sears customers can also secure video games and systems in stores by using the Web kiosks located in home electronics departments. These kiosks can help if a customer is unable to find an item, size or color they are seeking. Additionally, electronics employees are always at hand to help answer any home entertainment questions.

In addition to layaway, Sears credit with no payment/no interest financing until February 2010 is available to customers. Also, for the holidays, Kmart and Sears have brought back Christmas Club cards to help shoppers plan ahead and save for their holiday purchases.

To see the full selection of home electronics from Kmart and Sears, visit and

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