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SC Johnson to disclose product-specific fragrance ingredients


SC Johnson plans to disclose product-specific fragrance ingredient information, thus expanding its ingredient disclosure efforts.

Beginning in spring 2015, consumers will have access to the main ingredients used to create the fragrances in SC Johnson products. SC Johnson chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson announced the initiative during his remarks at the American Oil Chemists' Society World Conference in Montreux, Switzerland, this week.

Expanding on its voluntary ingredient disclosure program, SC Johnson will begin disclosing air care fragrance ingredients present at the highest concentrations down to .09% of the product formula. The number of fragrance ingredients disclosed will vary by product but, on average, consumers should expect to find a range of 10 to 50 fragrance ingredients. Consumers will be able to access this information on or by calling the SC Johnson consumer product helpline.

The consumer packaged goods company will begin to disclose product-specific fragrance ingredients in its air care products — including sprays, candles, oils and gels — initially in the U.S. and Canada, followed by Europe. The program will then expand into other SC Johnson product categories, including home cleaning. For those product categories outside of air care, where fewer fragrance ingredients are used, SC Johnson will list fragrance ingredients present at a concentration of more than .09% in the final product or the top 10 fragrance ingredients, whichever provides the most information for consumers. The company said that additional fragrance ingredients found in its products that are not disclosed are present at extremely low concentrations and will continue to be available via its online palette of fragrance ingredients.

SC Johnson brands include Glade, Kiwi, Off!, Pledge, Raid, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout, Windex and Ziploc in the US, and Autan, Tana, Bama, Baygon, Brise, Kabikiller, Klear, Mr Muscle and Ridsect outside the US.

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